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Category: Utilities
Version: 1.1 Updated: Jan 28, 2012

"Freqtune HD " is an oscillator that you can set up with 12 types of frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz.

1st screen「12OSC」

・Features 6 frequency windows that you can set up and 12 sliders that quickly searches frequencies
 (You can save frequency).
・Moving the slider works as a tone oscillator with 1/12 octave (chromatic).
・Selectable waveforms: sine, square, triangle and saw waves.
・It carries Save and Load function of Setting. Users data can be saved in Bank A and Bank B.
・Features Pad Action Selector that you can select "Momentary " or "Alternate".
   -Momentary: While pushing "Number Pad" ,it will play the sound.
   -Alternate: Untill pushing "Stop Button", the sound is playing.

2nd screen「Setting」

・Master Frequency Field: Set "Master Frequency".(Please use when calibrating) Default setting set to A3 = 440Hz. You can also use this app for tuning musical instruments by setting to 441Hz or 442Hz.
・By adjusting Calibration Factor Field and Calibration Factor Slider , you can calibrate the Master Frequency.
 Calibration Factor Slider can be adjusted between -0.15% 〜 +0.15%.
・Test Tone Switch: Plays the digit of Master Frequency. Use it with Calibration Factor Slider when calibrating.
・Portament switch:Activating this switch enables you to change frequencies smoothly.
・Phase Switch:Left Channnel Phase Invert Switch : reverses the phase of left channel.
         Right Channnel Phase Invert Switch : reverses the phase of right channel.
*If one of Phase Invert Switch is On, you may have sound problem. Be careful.
 If one of Phase Switch is On ,you will see the ”Phase” sign on ”Tab Ber”(screen bellow).

「Web info」

・Features an in-app web browser. Access the web for information without switching applications.
 (Available only when there is an Internet connection.)

Price $3.99

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